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Let’s Do Lunch

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“Do You Know We Can Do Lunch Together?”

“Effective leadership coaching can happen on the dance floor of conversation” – John G Agno

I have created this especially for YOU!

A few times in a month, I offer a VIP session for people to get their own personal time with me in person or virtual to help solve their most pressing strategy issues; be it business, leadership or career.

I created this as an affordable option for entrepreneurs, executives or professionals who either don’t have a sense of how much help they need or know they need support, but not to the tune of a full coaching or strategy package.

The concept is simple.

  • We meet for two hours in person at a boutique hotel, your office or via Skype
  • You bring the most burning questions or problems currently plaguing your business, team or career.
  • We brainstorm concrete solutions and new approaches.
  • We then identify the three activities that you should focus on RIGHT NOW that will cause you to move from 0 to 10 miles per hour, or from 10 to 40 mph, or from 40 to 90 mph.
  • After we wrap, I send you an email outlining your next steps “Action plan” that will allow you to implement what we’ve discussed ASAP.

I am confident that this would absolutely Rock Your World!

  • You aren’t sure what kind of help you need and want to figure that out before investing big(ger) bucks
  • You’re a DIY type who just wants some expert direction before diving in and doing the heavy lifting yourself
  • You know what your problems are, but need some aid in figuring out the most creative and cost-effective ways to resolve them
  • Your business or leadership strategy is pretty well-established, but you want to know how to develop tactics to get a better return on the energy you’re currently investing
  • Uncover your purpose and align your life with it.
  • Define, expand and articulate your new vision.
  • Design projects, practices and brilliant shortcuts for you, including mapping out a 30-90 day action plan.

You will leave with clarity and confidence.


If, at any point in the three months following our session, you decide you want to work with me or any of our partner organisations more intensively, the cost of your VIP Session is credited against my fees for that project.

Sounds good? Great!

  • Complete your payment using the link here
  • Once payment is confirmed, I’ll reply with an Invoice for your VIP Session appointment and a link to my calendar to choose your appointment slot.
  • Once you’ve paid and booked a spot, my time is all yours.

Still need more info? GGrrrrrhhhhaaa send me your enquiries.

You can read what clients are saying about me.

Lets Do Lunch Now

I promise it will worth your while

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