How To Weave Winning Into Your DNA

How To Weave Winning Into Your DNA

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When businesses win, the people who work for them are happy, happy people make happy relationships. Happy relationships bring about healthy family as well as healthy economy. Winning affords you the opportunity to give back to society.

It seems to me that most people simply let life happen to them. However a few, just a few, decide what’s going to happen to them in life.

I have studied many successful leaders, read success books and discovered they have a lot in common – of the traits is winning. Winning to them is a deliberate intention. While winning can occur by chance, waiting around for it to happen is hardly a way of life for successful leaders. It’s a bit like a jigsaw puzzle: All the bits have to be in place before you can make it work properly. Any missing piece will ultimately create the seeds of failure.

Winning is great! But you have to win the right way.

Winning is nuanced and complex, but its achievable. You can win. But to do that, you need to know what makes winning happen.

What does it take to win?

Here are three foundational principles that are repeatedly visible in the lives of successful leaders:


Clarity is the ability to determine exactly what you want, how and when you want it. My observation over the last 15 years has been that all successful leaders are clear about what they want to accomplish at every given time. Clarity gives you a clear sense of direction.

A sales team leader once declared to his team, “ Our target is to generate 1,000 sales leads this month” this is a clear statement that can impact the bottom line. First of all your goal statement is no jargon, it cannot be blurry otherwise they can’t be hit. Your goal has to be so clear that if you randomly woke one of your team members in the middle of the night and asked him, “where are we going?” his response would be the same as he’s awake.

Your goal statement can be brief; it can be one sentence with five bulleted points. The man thing is, it has to be clear.


I have never met a successful leader who is indecisive. The reasons why most people are afraid to make decisions is because they are afraid of making a mistake. You can be talented, ambitious and intelligent, but if you cannot make the hard decisions for your life, you’ll be forever be living a life decided by other people. The difference between success and failure is not that successful people make the right decisions, but they make their decisions right. In order words, once they have made their decision they stick to it.

Are you making your decisions based on impulse, stress or guilt? You might want to read: “10 minutes, 10 months and 10 years” by Suzy Welch.


It’s not about the quantity of work, its about the impact. When you are ticking the box, you are at your comfort zone; it keeps you busy, such tasks never end.  But great work is engaging, you are proud about it and obviously makes life more meaningful.

Everything we do in life is pointing to one thing: 

How can you stay focused? Projectisation. Put a great work into a project – a project has a start and a finish. It helps you articulate to people, what you need at each stage.

When you about to start a task, ask yourself: “Is this enough great work or just ticking the box”?

If you apply these principles consistently such that they become your habit, there is nothing in the world that can stop you from winning, wherever you are in any endeavor.

Life is a journey, and winning all through is a total blast!


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